As the saying goes, the first impression is the best impression, and that’s where NSHN Exhibition Organizing ( comes in. We at NSHN strive to make our clients portray themselves in the most innovative and creative ways, making their presence in the events or exhibitions stand-out irrespective of the project being a small pop-up stand or a sizeable pavilion. 

What does NSHN mean and what do we do?

The word NSHN is derived from the word nation – meaning “Unity”. Unity among its PEOPLE. Our creative, designing and fabrication teams are all unified under one roof to ensure effectiveness in our projects from concept to completion. 

We do everything related to exhibitions and events, building and organizing trade shows locally and internationally. Our strong portfolio includes global industry-leading brands such as Canon, GEA, Dubai Islamic Bank and so on, indicating our strong global presence in the industry.                   

What are our services?
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Our forte lies in the management of exhibitions and events. We offer a creative approach connecting brands to their customers. Our services include everything about exhibitions, from the brainstorming session to its successful completion. The major areas where we provide our services are listed below:

1.    Exhibition organizing: We build stands for our clients to present themselves in the most creative ways. Events and exhibitions are where our clients meet their target audience, it is essential for them to ensure visitors are attracted to the design features, which can only be done if their stand is created with unique elements and experiences.


2.    Creative 3D designing: Our team of designers works effectively to make our clients portray themselves in the best way possible. The stand design size could range from 6 SQM – 2000 SQM, they give it their all, ensuring that our clients stand apart from their competitors. 

3.    Construction: No matter how perfect a design is, a smart construction team like that of ours is the key to execute a design true to the designer’s vision. Our construction workers ensure timely completion of build-up and break-down, keeping clients happy by following venue timelines.  


4.    Branding: Branding is one of the most important aspects of any company. It gives the company its own identity, setting itself apart from competitors. Under branding, we provide solutions such as digital designing and printing for signboards, billboards and so on.


5.    Creative solutions: Our creative solutions include audiovisuals, content creation and development. We use state-of-the-art technology in our events and ensure cost-effective solutions for our clients.


6.    Furniture rental: We provide a great range of furniture equipment on a rental basis for our clients. This saves them the time to search around for such furniture equipment and minimalize their costs.


We believe everything is possible, it all begins with a conversation. 

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Contents of the post provided by the team at NSHN Group