UAE consumers’ recent strong shift in shopping pattern is THE reason you ought to be making sure your business has a strong online presence. 


Dubai’s Department of Economic Development recently stated an 83% increase in the number of e-commerce business licenses issued in the first six months of 2020. That’s 1,947 new e-businesses launched in Dubai, to be exact. UAE residents’ increased demand for online shopping during Covid19 is the reason behind the exponential surge in setting up e-businesses. 


What’s more is that the month of June 2020 alone has seen a total of 577 trader licenses being issued, this is a staggering 163% jump from June 2019 (which did you know was called The Year Of Online Shopping for UAE). 


In fact the Ministry of Economy’s National Economic Registry shared that the demand for online shopping has grown by more than 300% and is expected to grow further during the second half of this year. The national authority added that the current e-businesses’ growth could well take the sector’s worth to over 73 billion dirhams by the end of 2020. 

This means that despite a worldwide economic decline, the e-business sector is experiencing an immense demand. Wondering why this is? 

Ever since the Covid19 pandemic, people are being more cautious than ever about stepping out. Physical purchasing has witnessed a direct hit due to this very reason; and consequently it has created an even larger space for the already booming online purchasing sector. According to a local survey, nearly 70% of people are shopping less from physical stores, while 50% people admitted to now shopping more online. We’d say this is a 100% reason to push your business online, if you haven’t done so already. 

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