Influencer Marketing Programs

We’re just saying that there’s “influence” in that word for a reason. 

By implementing influencers, we’ll assist you to reach out to not just a larger audience but a larger target audience. We’ll drive your brand’s message through a set of chosen social media content creators to build a stronger reputation for your business. 

Additionally, it’s not just important to incorporate influencers, but also have the right influencer marketing strategy in place.

Nano influencers, Micro influencers, Macro influencers...we have a dedicated influencer portal: The Social Sugar Influencer Cube which will incorporate the right personalities to power your digital marketing campaign. 

The idea is to get people talking...by following, liking, sharing and commenting.


It has been a delight working with the team at The Social Sugar, they have been managing our SEO and Adwords since last year and we can vouch for the results. Would highly recommend them.


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