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Content creation. Cross promotions. Creative direction. We do it all.

With 99% of the population hooked, UAE holds the highest social media penetration in the world. Social media isn’t the future, it is NOW.

Every brand needs a strong social media management proposal, and we’ll make yours.

Setting up and designing social media channels.

Constructing social media strategy.

Producing social media content.

Creating social media reports and analytics.

Organizing social media meets.

We take care of all social media marketing tools that your brand needs.


It has been a delight working with the team at The Social Sugar, they have been managing our SEO and Adwords since last year and we can vouch for the results. Would highly recommend them.

  • How much time should I give for Social Media Marketing?

    Social Media Marketing isn’t a 9-5 job but it is a full-time job. It’s robust in nature, which means as and when your brand is up to anything remotely exciting, you gotta take it to the digital world. Social Media is more about interacting and educating your consumers and not about allotting hours. Strategizing, Ideating, Posting take up a lot of time and effort; but provide you with the right tools to get that ROI going.

  • What is the best time to start my social media pages?

    NOW. Yesterday. Day before. Tomorrow. Basically, anytime is a good time. Most business owners wait until their website is set up to start the company’s social media pages. Please don’t be like them. Start today. The earlier the better. With nearly 4 billion people on social media platforms worldwide, there’s a huge database of potential clients waiting to know more about you, your products and services. Plus, while your developer is fixing those website bugs, you can be slowly and steadily warming up followers to know more about your firm on your social media channels.

  • Should I be on all social media platforms?

    No, not necessarily. You need to analyze which mediums will be of most benefit to your establishment and nature of work; and accordingly choose which ones you ought to be on. For instance, being on Twitter isn’t required for some brands; and instead focusing more on Instagram could be more rewarding.

  • My industry is not glamorous, should I still get onto Social Media?

    Social Media isn’t just about celebrities, movies and fashion shoots, it’s a marketing tool. Period. It doesn't matter who your target audience is, what they do, where they live, as everyone is on social media. For over a decade, the digital world has been the most consumed form of advertising across the globe; so if you’re not on it, you’re certainly missing a huge potential client base. P.s.: Hit us up, if you’re looking to start and tap on that unexplored prospective clientele! Not to brag, but this is kind of our thing.

  • What should I use Social Media for?

    About 90% of companies use social media for marketing purposes. But nearly half of these companies are unable to generate an impactful image, as they don’t know what to do with their digital space. A plan not executed well is one not worth doing; which is why it is imperative that companies have a dedicated Social Media personnel.

  • Do I need a Social Media Manager?

    Some business owners are of the opinion that they don’t need a Social Media Manager as they’d be paying someone to just log onto Facebook or Instagram. So let’s quickly list out a few things that your Social Media Manager (we really mean us, we, TheSocialSugar team duhh!) would do for you: - Maintain a publishing calendar for your brand. - Schedule your posts. - Create original content. - Engage with clients and partners. - Carry out dedicated social media campaigns. - Track analytics. So we suppose the question should actually be: How soon should I hire a Social Media Manager? :)

  • Why should I take my business’ Digital presence seriously?

    Well when was the last time you bought a newspaper? Or found a billboard ad persuasive? ....exactly! There’s a bunch of reasons why Digital Media Marketing works wonders, let's start with the fact that they don’t look like ads, they’re more personal. They’re cost-effective, you can decide how much you want to spend and where. Your digital presence has the power to create trust and brand-loyalty amongst your consumers. They further promote word-of-mouth marketing. After all, everyone believes what a friend would say over what a conventional ad would say.

  • Do I really need Social Media?

    The answer is yes, yes, always YES. People will Google your company, people will share reviews of your products, people will complain, people will ask you questions. Research shows that over 80% people do this. These are your existing customers or your potential customers, thus engaging with them is what is going to drive your business.

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